Top 5 Sunglass Brands in India

Top 5 Sunglass Brands in India

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Sunglasses especially made brands that showcase your personality among the group of people. Nowadays people are more conscious of their eyes because of the pollution in their city. In India demand for sunglasses has been increasing considerably during summer because the temperature is very high as 40 to 50-degree celsius. They are so many reasons to wear sunglasses and some of the most common reasons, some people wear for their style, heat and to protect from the Sun. There are so many Sunglasses available in the market and they may vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. In India, you need to be aware that there are so many shops and online markets as they are selling fake sunglasses. You need to verify and get those glasses in their respective shops.

There are so many best sunglass brands in India they have their own unique styles. According to our budget, we choose brands because sunglass has become costlier from 2 years and some other brands not worth to invest in. There are some brands that will stand out when it comes to quality and style. There are some unique styles Wayfarer, Rectangular, Oval, Aviator, Sports sunglasses, etc. In this article, we are going to brief the best sunglass brands in India.

Here are the 5 best brands sunglass based on their value, style, and popularity.

Well, Known American Brand Oakley.

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Oakley brand is well known for its lens technology and it ranks third sunglass brands in India. These sunglasses are really made for those you’re in Sports, outdoor life and athletics. It has a unique brand like polarized sunglasses and when they are very careful when they are framing. Bikers love this product because the shape of sunglass protects the eyes from dust. Oakley had a huge impact on their frames and lenses in the market. This brand has a clear look and it is very stylish.

When It comes to sunglass in our mind Ray-Ban has the first priority to take off.


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This brand had a huge market and has all kinds of acceptance throughout the world. It has an iconic design some of Aviator, Clubmasters and Wayfarers. This brand was launched in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb and now it is owned by Italian man Luxottica group.

Fastrack is the best sunglass brands in India.


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These glasses are mainly best for quality and it is listed as best brands. This brand is owned by Titan Industries and they have UV protection and they offer a huge range of styles. Fastrack is available at affordable price.

Flying Machine

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In this, we can find a wonderful wayfarer in the catalog and also people love Fahrenheit aviators for their pocket price. In this brand, we can find a product from INR 500 to INR 3000 and it is best for driving and style.


Basically, Gucci brand it’s a part of Kering Group and they are the top leader in world-class accessories and apparel. These products are the designer wears. In India, Gucci is popular sunglass brands.

Hope the article has provided enough information on best sunglass brands in India. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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